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Most women with average activity levels need about 1,800 calories per day.

Many seniors take one or more medications for health conditions; these can cause side effects such as a lack of appetite or stomach upset, which can lead to poor nutrition.· Your emotional health may be affected.

of Position Teach dietary and nutrition courses for students enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Bachelor degree program. MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Follow therapeutic diet cards as ordered by the physician.

Ensure proper serving temperature of the food and beverages. Maintains visual appeal of the food and emphasis on the use of garnishes. and guidelines (DSHEA - Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in the US and Canada; complimentary medicine in the UK) when assisting customers in...

Everyone needs calcium to protect bone health, but seniors in particular need calcium-rich foods like low-fat dairy products.· Be aware of B12.

As an older adult, choose foods like cereals that are fortified with vitamin B12.

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Seniors who feel depressed or lonely often lose interest in eating.

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