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He had been with his wife Kristina Wagner for thirteen year since they got married in 1993 and before their divorce took place in 2006, they had three children together: Harrison Wagner (Son), Kerry Wagner (Daughter) and Peter Wagner (Son).

Apart from that, he began his dating life with Peggy Trentini in the early 80s, followed by another affair with a Nicole.

Having released 4 albums till now: All I Need, Don't Give Up Your Day Job, Lighting Up The Night and Alone In A Crowd.

Plus he has also appeared in many TV shows and movies like: Sunset Beach (1997), Touched by an Angel (1994), Titans (2000), Trapped: Buried Alive (2002), Santa Barbara (1984), Heartbreakers (2014), Castle (2009) etc.

He has a positive attitude towards life and is very down to earth in his behavior.

A modest man, he is helpful, jolly and makes friends very easily.

But he doesn’t have any shirtless pictures on the media, and neither on his Instagram account.

Regarding his personal life, he has had many girlfriends in the past, and is currently divorced.

I find it to be like a new ride, and I’m really grateful for it. I think Kristina and I…I think we have a deep for love for one another.

In University of Arizona he tried for drama department and golf team and the drama department offered him a full scholarship. By Music (Canada) he had been placed in number 5 in the Top 10 Worst of the 80s.

We’d race home after the last bell rang to follow the stories of Luke and Laura, Robert and Holly, and then Frisco and Felicia.

He also has a past that comes to haunt him a little bit.

That’s what so good about this season – we’re revealing that part about him. There’s a real loyal General Hospital core fan base that was Frisco and Felicia fans.

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