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I joined ILIASM two years ago, and I would not have survived the last two years of my life without EP. My marriage and my appreciation for it goes in cycles. All he thought about was sex, but not just with me. This option has since morphed into an exit plan from my marriage, but either way, my goal is the same. To that end, not having been seen naked by another man for over twenty years (for the most part), I...

When I arrived here, I was trapped in a lonely and sexless marriage to a... He had adult magazines, DVDs and videos hidden all over the... We've had a good time here -- maybe even the time of our life, or best to date. for 1-1/2 years now and I am really sad to see it shutting down.

When I found this group of people I was in a very different place than I am now. Withholding sex in a "loving" relationship is Emotional Abuse.

I didn't feel much self worth from always being turned down by my SO. Denying one's partner the bond which cultivates closeness and intimacy with them is Emotional Abuse.

What it comes down to is this: when you reach the point where you can no longer tolerate being in a sexless relationship, then you will...

that is both very far away and very hot every time we raise the subject of intimacy can be confusing and devitalizing in the long run. The ex pointed out, somehow gloating over the forms for the realtor - - SHE took back her maiden name, will that mess anything up? Realtor, having waited almost 7 full months to get his...

I joined on the last day of 2008, and for the next 3 years I was a daily participant. and especially EP ILIASM -- for being an important part of my life in the year that I’ve been here.

It has been a great blessing both to give and to receive such earnest and loving advice… I went down to the courthouse by myself just like everything else I usually do.

I'm finally free and at peace from being under the same roof as him but being... We refuse to recognize just how big a big a problem we have.

I haven't been on here much this last year, or so, but at one time, I was on here daily. It helped with the loneliest part of my life, during my sexless marriage. For the first ten years, it was pretty standard fare. I wanted desperately, I tried everything and anything. We refuse to accept that life can be different We refuse to accept that we have the personal power to make the changes we...

I honestly didn't know I was in one, until I came here. they love you, but this is trick: remember that actions speak louder than words. I really loved her, and wanted things to work at any cost. There is no sex (or very little sex) and your relationship lacks intimacy and emotional connection. Because of the openness, the wiliness of all to speak of their deepest thoughts, their most deepest feelings. I learned that marriage was supposed to be a celebration. I am a regular EP member but for anonimoty I agreed with her to create a new username so that I can write our story. Through a thread on the forum, I was contacted by an EP member who was travelling overseas and was going to be near my hometown for...

been said many times before, but I like to emphasize a few points: EP is closing while many of you are still stuck in unhappy marriages that you know are beyond fixing.

You do your fair share to make it work, but your spouse is not cooperating.

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