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Her breasts were tiny things--she was petite, that's the word. The most recent was my girlfriend's younger cousin Bianca, who I couldn't admit to anybody about, (not that I would) because I didn't want to embarrass Ivonne, who'd been part of the threesome. The thing about those two women was that they hadn't wanted it in the ass.

Javier liked his girls like that, real athletic like and fragile. The other woman was, Lorry, the mother of one of our friend's(see: A First For Everyone). Bianca had been barely willing, Lorry less so--but to think that Danitza wanted to try it; wanted to be fucked in her ass..just drove me crazy.

I began to distance myself from Danitza, declining invitations to go out if she'd be around, so I wouldn't see her.

But, all situations couldn't be avoided, and I knew I had to man up and push these evil thoughts from my mind, and it worked.

Half of my excitement, I'm sure, was the guilt I felt, secretly checking out my best friend's beloved girlfriend right in front of my girl's nose; the other half was my secret knowledge that Danitza craved a cock up her ass--not her pussy--but her ass. What kind of noise would she make the first moment she felt a cock enter her ass and stretch her and fill her. Her bangs were hanging curtain like over her forehead, cut right above her eyebrows.

And sadly, I wanted it to be my dick in her asshole. She sat there silent most of the time, smiling every now and then, but not speaking much.

Danitza didn't have much of a body regards at least. And Danitza never caught my eye in the least bit—not till Javier ruined it.

Danitza had skinny, toned legs, and a somewhat curvy butt (compared to her body) that you could probably make disappear in the palm in your hand.

Ivonne, my girlfriend, decided to go wine tasting in Napa with a few female friends.The last thing I wanted was to be fantasizing about my friend's girl. Her eyes were brown, almost black, and were gigantic on her narrow face.Her image came to mind as I drank that beer on his driveway. Her nose was a too pointy for her face, it was prominent when you looked at her, but it didn't hinder her looks, in fact it spiced her up.Each glimpse of her seductive face and pouty pink lips only tortured me more.I'd been cursed with this stupid knowledge, and now I'd be forever uncomfortable in the vicinity of this Spanish beauty.

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