Dating a man who pays child support

Child Support Payments - Find out when child support payments start, if your ex can reduce the payments, and more.Tips For Collecting Child Support - Learn how to insure that support payments are paid as ordered.Child Support Hearings - If your initial child support will be contested or later modified, you may be required to go to a child support hearing.Questions about Child Custody and Support - Will the support obligation change if custody is changed?Read the answer to this and other tax related issues.

Medical Expenses and Child Support: Who is responsible for paying for the medical expenses that aren't covered by insurance?

We already send additional allowance money to her, and we already pay for her health insurance and out of pocket medical expenses, extra-curricular and summer camps separately.

The child support is 00/month but her custodial parent claims she needs us to buy her clothes, pay for school expenses, etc.

How can we be sure the child's needs are met without going broke?

Brette's Answer: I assume your husband is the non-custodial parent in this situation.

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