Dating antique coverlets

I do not know the design elements of this coverlet.Another coverlet made for the Loomis family is said to be in the hands of another descendant.

I was able to successfully determine the close proximity of his residence based on who his neighbors were, and it seems he lived at or about the northeast corner of Main and Church Streets. French (died 1820 age 34 years) ( The 1860 census also has a Schedule of Industry but I have not yet examined that source which will probably list the mnanufacturing work of Bartlett French.

I have not seen any examples of the coverlets that Bartlett French may have made in Cazenovia, but I know there must be some around as he advertised that he was weaving coverlets in Cazenovia in 1843, 18.

Various references found in primary sources show that he was in Cazenovia Village for nearly a decade (1843-1851). French may have been in town some time before 1843, but the newspapers for a few years before that date have only recently been found at Colgate University and I have not had the opportunity to examine them.

French" was continuing in the business of carpet and coverlet weaving, as well as "fancy dying".

In the third advertisement, also in the Madison County Whig, dated January 12, 1848, "B.

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