Dating marriage the elizabethan times

The young Elizabeth paying homage to the fashion set by the queen.

However if it was the Queen’s intention to display her friendship towards her niece, according to Croyland, it was ill-received.

During her time in Sanctuary, Elizabeth Woodville had arranged a bethrothal between Margaret Beaufort’s son Henry Tudor and her daughter Elizabeth of York.

One could consider Richard was publicly displaying his niece as equal in rank to his Queen. It is more likely that Queen Anne was simply being kind to her niece.

Some modern historians even claim that Elizabeth was deliberately trying to outshine the Queen, an act of antipathy from a teenage girl in love with her uncle.

Although we can date Henry Tudor’s “dark prince” back to Francis Bacon, he certainly never accused Elizabeth of pining for her dead lover while trapped in a marriage with the man who defeated him and shattered her dreams.

The relationship between Elizabeth of York and her uncle King Richard III has long been debated. After the death of Edward IV in April 1483 and Richard III’s subsequent seizure of King Edward V, Elizabeth Woodville fled with her five daughters to Sanctuary in Westminster Abbey.

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