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And It carries a misleading big green "Download" button !Peter 16Nov15: Rather than linking direct to the downloads for these digitalfishphones plug-ins, might it not be better to link to the site's download page for them as it tells the user, in some detail, just what each one is for: THD, dominion and normalizer?Thus j VSTw Rapper plug-ins can be run on all three platforms.Peter 15Nov15: To Do-2 My vote would be for removing this list entirely.They weren't compiled for Intel-based Macs at all (due to the age of the code base...). No way." and I note that last time he updated these at all was in 2005.So the software might only be of use for older machines... So what we have is stuff that was good in its time no doubt, but that has been left to wither on the vine, left behind by more modern platform technology.If an incompatible VST plug-in does cause a problem, click the Manage button in the effect's dialog then choose "Options...".In the dialog that appears, try reducing Buffer Size, disabling Latency Compensation or disabling graphical display.

The overwhelming majority of VST effect plug-ins should display and process correctly.

I chose that set as this author's plug-in regulary occur on the forum posings (my memory tells me).

Looking at the fish-fillets suite (Spitfish, Blockfish & Floorfish), I supsect these are typical of many of the plug-ins we list. The mac version will most certainly not work on current Macs!

VST effects are displayed with full GUI interface (where provided by the plug-in), and without need of the VST Enabler.

This has been made possible by use of an open source VST header.

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