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For example, for time zone UTC (Australian Eastern Standard Time, Vladivostok Time, Chamorro Standard Time), -600 will be returned.

The time zone offset returned is the one that applies for the Date that it's called on.

The time-zone offset is the difference, in minutes, between UTC and local time.

Note that this means that the offset is positive if the local timezone is behind UTC and negative if it is ahead.

This means that there is no place here for dreamers and talkers. Particular attention to men with Premium icon on their photos!I acknowledge that I have read and understood the declaration and that I agree to abide by all of its terms and conditions.I further undertake to comply with all the University rules and understand and acknowledge that I must familiarise myself with any revisions made to the University rules as these will be binding upon me.SCTE attempts to send recertification reminders to certification candidates as a courtesy.The candidate retains responsibility for ensuring all recertification requirements are fulfilled prior to expiration of the certification.

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I agree that the University may, without having to contact me, take steps to verify the information I have provided and agree that this agreement constitutes consent in terms of the provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (as amended from time to time).

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