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Check out the chat below: READ ALSO: Girl dies after sleeping with Alhaji’s monkey (photo)What do you make of this? You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter and via mail at [email protected] you spend hours figuring out ways to help students in another country learn an important subject if you didn’t receive any compensation or academic credit for the project?It is not clear who leaked the chat nor is it known if both parties sealed and executed a deal, but it throws light on the sort of intense negotiations that go on between sex workers and clients before a deal is sealed.

Charlotte Nirmalani (Lani) Gunawardena, a UNM regent’s professor and director of the Organization Information, and Learning Sciences program is working with a small group of student volunteers to put together courses for Central University College Accra in Ghana.

Many people are familiar with the term MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses.

MOOCs can attract thousands of students although many don’t complete the course.

Internet connections are not always available.” The UNM students help physicians at the university in Ghana work with Moodle, a learning management system that assists them in putting together information on specific treatment topics.

But Gunawardena says it’s been a little challenging to train physicians about social media tools such as chat rooms.

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“I was thinking somebody has to facilitate this discussion until the physicians learn how to facilitate online learning,” she said.

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