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I started rocking back, enjoying his hardness and the moans that were softly emanating from his mouth.I rocked his penis for about five minutes before I felt him stir. As soon as he moved, I rolled over on top of him, grabbed his shaft and guided it in to my hungry pussy. A snow storm had blown through the night before our big day and dumped about a foot of snow.The good news was the storm was long gone when we woke up.I began milling about, looking through my suitcase for my silky undies, excited to see my sexy bride in her frilly things. After she warmed up, we were ready for the main event. As horny as I was, I knew I needed to go slow, take my time, and make sure she was comfortable with each step. I moved a bit further down and lavished her cute little breasts with kisses, nibbles, and licks. He went so slowly, and did the things that would put me at ease. After several minutes of attention to her breasts, I made my final push down her stomach, past her pubic mound, and was soon facing her heavenly womanhood. Without any forewarning, I stuck out my tongue and glided it over her clit. If I thought I’d jumped when he used his hands to touch me down there, I think I practically leaped when his tongue first connected with the warm flesh of my most private parts. We bought the tickets and could now enjoy all the rides. She was the most beautiful bride a man could ask for. I shuddered and gasped as he slid his manhood in and out of me in long, sensuous, loving strokes. Nick, the man of my dreams, was inside me, giving me pleasure I never imagined possible.It was so nice to lay there beside her, kissing her, fondling her cute little breasts, sliding my hand between her legs to rub her sweet little bud and penetrate her a little with my fingers. HEATHER: To say I was nervous about sex that night is a huge understatement. Maybe the tub was my way of delaying a little, or maybe I needed to relax in the warm water beforehand. She was moaning softly and using her fingernails, on my back and butt. I started to feel my desire rise as he licked and nibbled my breasts, and kissed me all over the upper part of my body. Heather had never heard of oral sex (I told you she’s naïve). I was so surprised that he had done that with his MOUTH! Again she gasped and jumped but this time she followed with a quiet little moan. She sucked my kisses, spread her legs as wide as possible and pulled at my butt trying to increase the depth of my thrusts. I had another orgasm and as I did so, I felt Nick’s muscles tighten and then felt a warm flow of his cum as it filled my virgin pussy.

It was great to have everyone I loved there to celebrate the happiest day I’d ever had. I’m sure I looked like the stupid idiot I usually am. Right after we got into our big, beautiful room with our suitcases, I headed right over and started the water running in the tub. I grabbed something (I’m not sure what) from my suitcase, then made a bee-line for the bathroom next to the tub. She was so wonderfully tight, it was wonderfully difficult to pull out, and wonderfully difficult to slide back in.

She fondled them softly and carefully so as not to hurt me. My fingers explored while he continued to touch me. “Please stop.” She began to try pushing me out and off of her. I didn’t want to hurt her but knew this was part of our consummation and it would have to happen at some point. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back as a wave of pleasure flowed from her vagina, washing her entire body in cleansing ecstasy.

I was in love with her magical breasts and spent a lot of time playing with them. I think I was too freaked out to really feel anything sexual yet. With each small push, she would gasp in pain, push my hips back, and I would stop for a few moments, allowing her to relax so I could proceed. “Heather, baby,” I said holding my position inside her, “you knew this would be painful. Her hands went from pushing my hips around to my butt and she started pulling me in.

I wanted more of his manly cum in me and I was going to get it.

I was awakened by her soft moaning sounds and by the feeling of her bum rubbing against my now hard-again penis. I held her hips giving me leverage to pull her down harder, rubbing her clit on my pelvic bone. Nearly 30 years later and we can still sleep wrapped around each other in blissful contentment.

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