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The voiceless stop *t did not become a fricative if preceded by another stop, but the preceding stop was generally devoiced and then fricativised.This also happened to stops before *s, but that sound was not affected by Grimm's law.Depending upon which browser you may use, the language specific characters may not appear correctly.يجد المغرب نفسه محاطا بتحديات هائلة جراء تدفق المهاجرين الأفارقة نحوه فالضرورة القانونية وحقوق الإنسان والاتفاقيات التي صادق عليها المغرب وموارد البلاد المتواضعة وضرورة الحفاظ على علاقة جيدة مع الدول الإفريقية كلها أمور تضع المغرب أمام خيارات صعبة وهو ما يحاول هذا التقرير قراءته.

Zulfiqar Bhutto,advisor to Ayub Khan and later PM summed up the situation as the Pakistan tested Indian resolve and its new weapons by probing constantly in the disputed Rann of Kutch area in repeated skirmishes during April 1965 ,this dispute was eventually settled by British mediation.

The correspondences between Latin p and Germanic was first noted by Friedrich von Schlegel in 1806.

In 1818 Rasmus Christian Rask elaborated the set of correspondences to include other Indo-European languages such as Sanskrit and Greek, and the full range of consonants involved.

These faced a a pakistani assault of 8.5 infantry battalions as well as 2 armoured regiments( equipped with pattons which couldn’t be penetrated by the AMX tanks )with a pakistani local superiority of 2:1 in infantry,6:1 in armour and 6:1 in artillery.

Sorely pressed and on the verge of collapse at Akhnoor, India responded by crossing the International Border and launching its own offensive spearheaded by I corps in the Sialkot sector aimed at relieving the pressure on Akhnoor, carrying the war into the Pakistani heartland of Punjab and threatening Sialkot and Lahore, which would force Pakistan to divert its forces.

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