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We may be freer than ever, we may love fearlessly and walk out of relationships when things don’t work out, and that’s great! They didn’t have to call each other a dozen times every day. Lovers sent each other letters from far off places, and the efforts they put in to express their undying love was worth everything in the world. They didn’t spend most oftheir times on their own smartphones or dates, they spent it actually talking to each other, getting to know each other or just staring into each other’s eyes. It took time for people to get to know each other and with each passing day, their love stories took a new turn. Their love stories were legendary and our films are a proof of that.

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These are often relatively smart men with the same passions as the women.

I’ve met several women who considered one of the best parts of playing Magic to be receiving so much male attention and having such a large selection of men interested in dating them.

Those were the times when real romance hadn’t gone extinct. The world didn’t exist and time stood still for them when they were together. They never knew till when they’d be together – never knew if the other person would ever call back again or not. It is a great success for our soceity that parents today are much more accepting of inter caste and inter religion relationships, no denying that.

However, the parents played such an important role as external conflicts back then, the struggle made the love even stronger.

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