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A few decades later Pope Gregory VII issued a decree against clerical marriages." Yet none of the rationales offered by experts here mention preventing inherited power or money.

Clergy were central to most communities, relatively rich and powerful in many cases.

Many a priest, in France for instance, was compelled to repudiate his wife, not without much suffering. One more thing: I do not believe that anyone has ever averred that Jesus was a literal eunuch.

Interestingly, the decree of Gregory VII on clerical celibacy was opposed by St. Bernard warned Gregory that barring honorable marriage would introduce concubinage and a host of other evils. See the excellent History of the Reformation by the late (Fr.) John P. His comment that, "There are those who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven," (Matthew ) has commonly been taken as an invitation to voluntary celibacy--except for poor Origen, who took it literally, an action which probably kept him off the calendar of saints.

Now, to conclude with two questions (by which I suggest in brief, arguments by Phipps in WAS JESUS MARRIED?

for that founder of Christianity as husband of Mary Magadalene (NOT in any platonic way either)--(1) if there was not some very close, probable sexual relationship, between that man and woman, why is it Mary, according to the Gospels, arrived FIRST at tomb after Resurrection, looking for Jesus? Using that knowlege Phipps makes clear the King James Version of Bible has the Risen Lord render much too harsh a remark to Mary about touching him.

To be allowed to pass down this wealth, power, and position to sons who might not merit it might have been seen as both unfair and counterproductive to the church's viability.

What makes these Young sex tubes much better than other is that the action is of a completely different dimension, as there are no limits what-so-ever.

One further point, which I offer as my "clincher" on this whole matter of Jesus, his probable marriage, and his remarkably open-to-living (ethical though certainly) but in joy and fullness at same time, to wit--the first miracle performed by Jesus was at a wedding feast at Cana; and as the Gospel account gives it, the guests remarked, that wine, which Jesus transformed from water, was the best--normally opened first on such an occasion.

You the reader tell me, if Jesus did not enjoy a good time and honor married life (perhaps above all in this our often "vail of tears") why did he choose a wedding banquet for performing the first of his miracles in Bible? Miller Dear Helen, You would recognize my name, as frequent contributor, especially to HNN Teachers Edition.

; (2) why too of all those mentioned by Gospels at or near the tomb of Christ after Resurrection was Mary Magadalene the ONLY one of those people (man or woman), who reached out to him and/or actually touched him? Instead, Phipps makes excellent point that Jesus said rather something like this--"don't continue to cling to me." Which Phipps, with his knowledge of Greek, indicates is a phrase that includes a likely meaning even for act of sexual intercourse. Owen as fine a job as you did on your essay, must offer the above, along with the very positive evidence from Phipps, along with my own thinking, Jesus was NOT by any means (far from it) a eunuch!

Something more on this--Phipps would certainly know his Greek here (the original language of the New Testament) for he has Ph. Would like to hear from you Helen by comment, especially as appreciate your posting of my essays at times (in your intern position for HNN). Keith Relative to when Catholic clergy embraced celebecy that was an excellent tracing of the evolution of the practice in the Catholic church save for one additional detail relating to the encyclical which set the course in the 11th century. Dietz, who was in his day the most preeminent Tudor/Stuart scholar in America and one of the outstanding scholars on earlier English history contended that a deal was struck between Pope Clement and William the Conqueror to forbid the clergy to marry in a political deal intended to prevent the clergy from having progeny to whom they could pass on property which both the church and state covetted. Bennett Professor Emeritus Washington State University As a consequence of the Union of Brest in 1594 between Orthodox and Catholics, the Uniate clergy were free not only to follow Orthodox liturgy but obliged parish priests to marry, as had been the case among Orthodox Christians.

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