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Perhaps it was this memory that always made her tremble when someone touched the spot. She had given birth to a baby daughter three months earlier but her stringent training program had returned her to her former self within a month.

Her breasts were now larger but she had quickly shed the excess weight elsewhere and was firmly toned.s part, the couple had no choice other than temporary enslavement to the Chambeaux family consisting of Monique, her husband Pierre, and their daughter Katherine.

As one would become exhausted and eventually climax, the others would lift her off to be replaced by a new warm velvety tunnel. When he was kneeling with his head resting on the floor and his bottom raised in the air, he fully expected to be sodomized by the male slave.

That eventually happened when he was standing in the middle of the room with two sets of female lips suckling on his sensitive nipples and a third set of feminine lips slurping away at his inflamed cock.

Steve was a successful rising star and was an executive at a company owned and run by Pierre.That temporary condition had evolved into permanency, probably due to a shared lapse in judgment.But the decision had been made nad now both of them were the property of this family.Steve replied as his cock twitched slightly in her hand.The night before, he had been the main entertainment at a party hosted by his owners.

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